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Photo Jotka

Joanna Kiczka „Jotka”



  1st exhibition:


FACES Project is an attempt to analyze behavior of humans that are put in front of the camera in a very close frame (just few inches separate me from the models), and secondly, that are put behind the “curtain” separating my and their world. Are they themselves? Do they show me everything? Do they trust me even though they see me for the first time in their life? Are they natural or maybe they keep the distance?


The purpose of the project is to show emotions of faces of different people in a very close frame. I'm interested in human behavior and I'm into observe it and save it trough my camera. Faces project is also an attempt to list people. I'm looking for people that are very similar to each other as well as people with unusual features as opposed to each other. Moreover, apart from doing a picture, I'm interested in reaction to my photographs of people gathered at my exhibition – how will they react? Will they smile when they see a picture with a happy face and will they feel anxiety when they see a picture with anxious emotions?

My project was inspired by the work of two great photographers: Martin Schoeller and Thomas Ruff. But I decided to go one step further. The frame I chose is not typical. Most people consider portrait with a head and shoulder while there is just head and even more – just face – on my pictures. When I talk to someone I focus on his or her eyes, cheeks or mouth. They express their emotions. Off course I can see everything that surrounds us, but in our conversation, and in my portraits, I'm mostly interested in faces.


While talking with one another, we never scream at the distance. We stay close to each other, face to face. The quieter the interlocutor is, the closer we get to him. My pictures are small so that you can „talk” with my models. So that you can get closer and we can see your reaction.


People that took their part in FACES project are random. They've shown up in response to advertisement of my facebook profiles, modeling service and befriended artistic agency Charme de la Mode. These are the people doing different jobs and in a different age. The youngest participant "FACES" is 6 years old and the oldest ladies are already grandmothers.