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Photo Jotka

Joanna Kiczka „Jotka”

"It girls of this world, and it really still children, difficult, shy, cheeky, interesting. Wildness, informality, intoxicating greed adolescence. Kittens that have not yet opened your eyes. And when they open ... "

Items literary - "Girls of the World Mascots" Finnish writer Anja Snellman and "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov created in my head this image. It is a tale of childhood innocence, of transience and the dangers of the outside world, an adult.


Not everyone has a beautiful and peaceful childhood. Some of us make mistakes, do not trust what you need. Not choose this path because I want to know. But always learning about the world can end up well..?


Not my fault was that that guy looked at me and could not take his eyes. I've always liked me in the elderly. Probably because earlier than the other girls had visible breasts... Devises his licentious plan as soon as you get him into my womb! How much time he had to take, how many sleepless nights, combinatorics, writing down what he wanted to accomplish? Or maybe you did not write anything? Maybe i just grabbed me by the arm and dragged into the bushes? I do not know what he meant then the head. One was nice, and once you angry... I do not know what to do to me (...) Prison I was not the worst. The worst were the lonely nights when he was not... I could not get out! No one could hear me! It (was) like obsession... Still no one sees me. I'm here. I came back. But I'm still air...


Doctors. Psychologists. Psychiatrists. Family? Where were they when I needed them most..?


In my project I want to show the lives of children - girls harmed by pedophiles. Empathize with their situation. Showing carefree fun girls that are observed by the abuser lurking in the bushes. These people are able to gain the trust of children, pull them aside. We know how many kidnappings how many children are killed without a trace. And then, after many years, we learn that our children were trapped in the basement of a nice neighbor (for example Austrian Josef Fritzl).


Have you ever wondered what a person needs to feel liberated? What stuck in her emotions? Do you sometimes do not have enough? For years she was held captive and sexually abused. Now it is choking!!! Comprehend her panic, anger, crying, and wild laughter. Loops. Because nowhere output. Haywire. I fall into a complete stupor. This story is a study of isolation, enslavement and love wasting throughout, dramatic record of fighting with each other, with their own feelings and a sense of rejection by the outside world, and also with the past and attempt to rebuild a new life.


Adult girls play with dolls. But whether they are still just as carefree as in the days of childhood? And maybe they are vulgar? Profligate? How deep will be able to hide what survived? They are no longer "mascots", no one hurt, will not be playing them. But the flaw remains. I do not tell you its history. It's too painful.When you hurt because you can not describe, falls silent.


This project goes to everyone. To the parents to protect their children. If you have a feeling that on any given day something bad happens, let him follow his heart. To the authorities, foundations and associations - must protect their "sheep". Trafficking in human beings? Who invented it? Children are the future, and pedophilia is evil. Sex is good when both parties want it. Children can not be used! Children should be protected.


Girls of the World Mascots. World Mascots, according to Anja Snellman words shop with animals. On the back of the store, behind a red curtain set in real life. There, the girls become women. Nabokov empathizes with the role of a pedophile, describing his feelings (often beautiful, full of warmth religion - which further puts the chills!) To the girl, which ties for several years. My project is my biography. I know what they feel trapped girls! Nobody do not wish, therefore, I wish to present my project to the world.



The project was attended by models Andrew Bersz, Irmina Osman, Joanna Panicz, Ayla Kopec, Natalia Pankiewicz, Alexander LapiƄska. Dressup designers: Agnes Kaszuby and Monica BaczewskaMakeup: Eve Arutjunian. Dolls are the property of Alexandra Carossi-Gwiazdowski and Joanna Panicz.


The photos were taken in Warsaw, Benjamins fort near Warsaw, in the old railway station in Bialystok and Katowice (Nikiszowiec).