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REFERENCES - Photo Jotka

Joanna Kiczka „Jotka”

Martha L. (participant in the course of professional photographic 30 hours., Sold Grouponie): Knowledge leading, professionally prepared and thought out course. I received answers to all the questions and more. I would recommend.

Zenek (participant professional photographic course 30 hours., Sold Grouponie): Thank you very much for the super conducting the course in a very accessible way for people who on a daily basis do not have this topic to deal with, for your patience and very valuable comments on the shooting. Jotka, you're a great teacher, transfer your knowledge is of the highest level.

Carolina W. (participant professional photographic course 30 hours., Sold Grouponie): The course very cool. The theory told in an accessible way for amateurs. You can learn many interesting things both about the hardware, as well as taking pictures. Interesting exercise outdoors. I would recommend.

Marcin Lachowski (participant professional photographic course 30 hours., Sold Grouponie): I adored that my knowledge of photography has increased by 100% or more. I think that now I'm able to take good pictures. In the end, I begin to understand what's going on. I would like to do such foty that, as I will show you, you say "wow! Cool!"

Joanna C. (participant in the course of professional photographic 30 hours., Sold Grouponie): Very professional, factual, specific, and complete exercises and open-air activities. Learn both basic operations and advanced composition. The whole course ran in a relaxed, almost family atmosferze.Profesjonalne approach, correction of errors along with their detailed explanation. I am very happy that the science of photography confided such profesjonalistce which is Jotka.

Martin L. (participant professional photographic course 30 hours., Sold Grouponie): Skilful describe the function of apparatus necessary for proper imaging subjects. You can now enjoy the SLR ...

Barry B. (participant in the course of professional photographic 30 hours., Sold Grouponie): The course is conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere. Leading, Jotka, very open and willing to help and answer every question. Both the theoretical part and practical routed in a very transparent manner. I liked both classes of theory and practical.

Mariusz Snopek (photo workshop participant): Jotka is one of the best coaches with whom I had the opportunity to work. He is a professional in his field: a brilliant approach to course participants, thanks to each one of us felt like a member of the group who knows for a long time. The biggest plus for getting too personal attention and the ability to analyze each captured image and sincere indication errors. I hope that in the future I can still hit the next course to Jotki ​​and to maintain contact with her. In conclusion - a very good workshop!

Basia Niesiobędzka (participant courses Blue and Green - studio photography): We recommend both parts of the course in Jotki​​! Part One Blue allows you to view the layman with the hardware, the course is run in a professional studio, where the theory is supported immediately practice. Materials prepared by the teacher are clear and transparent, and the classes carefully presented and explained, additionally supported by examples fotkami. With this curriculum task recall miles Fri "What is the light" check student understanding of the topic and a practical part where you can play all kinds of lamps setting.
Some Green is already reflected real work in the studio. I could personally decide every detail set of lamps, their type, selection of background or setting model, when something I did not know or had a problem with something Jotka everything thoroughly explained and improved error or tried to direct me to how she found herself making a mistake. Very pleasantly recall the work of leading. I encourage everyone to participate in the courses Jotki​​! The plans have a part in the third part of the cycle of courses "Red", or other interesting projects Jotki​​! I wholeheartedly RECOMMEND !!!!

Monika Wojcik-Cymmerman (photo workshop participant): If you want to learn how to skillfully and effectively realize their photographic passion is good that you have come to Jotki​​. Knowledge have probably all teachers but not everyone can share it in a pleasant, niemęczący. This is what leads courses Jotka, the time spent pleasantly and absolutely in value! I would recommend.

Magda Marcinkowska (photo workshop participant): Courses in the rich and very professional manner. Have been widely discussed major issues in a very accessible and interesting way for people starting the adventure of photography. For those more experienced also recommendable - a person who has a very rich practical knowledge and theoretical. We are happy to provide advice on all issues: hardware, compositional, operating equipment and so on. Person in creates a very good atmosphere. Classes were held in interesting places - giving the opportunity to acquire the skills to use the equipment. I recommend 100% rate - brilliant. Thanks a lot :) Jotka

Magda Kubacka-Szuraj (photo workshop participant): The workshop fully met the needs for my photography. Way transfer of knowledge by conducting classes made ​​the technique for handling the camera and the photographer's secrets profession ceased to be available to the amateur. The workshop sparked my interest in photography

Julia Kwasiborska (photo workshop participant): The course is conducted professionally. Many tips and suggestions for shooting and processing images possible. After the course I had a lot of knowledge (compared to my knowledge before the course) that I could use. We are happy to once again would choose such a course.

Anna (photo workshop participant): I would recommend the workshops to anyone who wants to know the photograph from the practical side. Very cool activities that are carried out in a very interesting way - without undue textbook knowledge that can not be learn in such a short time. Very nice atmosphere meetings. Leading lets you unleash your imagination and look at the world in a different way.

Ola Pierścieniak (photo workshop participant): Satisfactory interest trainers for each individual. I believe it was a simple translation that everyone can understand. Thanks to this course I learned a lot and I got all the answers. You can see that the coach is involved in your work.

Magdalena Mroczkowska (photo workshop participant): I recommend strongly workshops Jotka. Very well prepared course, competent guide, great atmosphere, interesting classes conducted. Polceam!

Joanna Marcinkowska (photo workshop participant): The course is very professional, leading "Jotka" cool presents information about photography. People begin the adventure of a photograph without any problem will understand what I mean. Great presentation techniques phot .. Practical knowledge, cool trivia.

Marta Bukowiecka (photo workshop participant): Workshops very professional prepared. Przekazyne information in very accessible and easy. I was infected with a passion and artistic photography'll deepen your knowledge in this field. With thanks!

Radek Król (photo workshop participant): Super workshops: a lot of practice, a little unnecessary discussion, a lot of interesting and tricks from the world of photography.

Ania Paluszkiewicz (photo workshop participant): I think the class was very interesting. Conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere. Way communication Jotki ​​is very approachable. I think that the knowledge you have running is very high and I have a feeling that I was dealing with a professional. In the future, I would be interested in classes of Jotka.

Goshia Stankiewicz (photo workshop participant): Classes recommendable, leading classes "Jotka" in a very approachable provides knowledge concerning. Way of shooting, equipment for photography. Very nice atmosphere classes, classes in interesting places. If there are other activities of the photographs carried out by "Jotka" willing to take part in them.

Magdalena Wojtachnio -Przerada (photo workshop participant):
Professional and comprehensive course has helped me organize photograph captured so far wiedzę.Dzieki ago, I can take better pictures and deepen knowledge of fotografii.Sympatyczna and smiling lady photographer :)

Julia Sawicka (photo workshop participant): Courses in Jotki ​​a maximum of practice, theory - given also in practice. Specific classes, so that each participant learns first of all what is possible is the hardware, and then armed with new knowledge, begin to use it.

Magda E. (photo workshop participant): Courses were conducted interesting and pleasant atmosphere. In the course of their lifetime learned many different things interesting and such, which so far did not know. The course was fully filled with interesting information and tasks to practice their skills. :)

Tom (photo workshop participant): Thank you once again for the interesting activities in of cool, relaxed atmosphere. I learned a lot and learned during those two days. A great idea was to shoot after dusk. I was also on your website. I watched the great photos, and even read your poems interesting. I admire.

Dominika Kadlubiec: Oh Jotka is great! smile outright does not go out of her face, jestmega capable and extremely likeable, I hope that this is not our last joint session soooo thank you: **

Joanna Panicz: Lively, demanding. It has an interesting look at the photographs, not afraid of challenges and gives himself wholeheartedly art. Cooperation with her, despite the harsh conditions, it was a great pleasure :) thank you!

Paulina Domaszewska (Costume Designer): I adored that my suggestions, comments were 100% taken into account, everything looked exactly as I imagined and zaplanowałam.Do end MAIL impact on their own projekt.Otrzymałam maximum help and I'm b.wdzięczna :)

ANIA Osowska (designer clothing): Classical background that always works - pure white. Session with barb and a smile. Asia doing sessions knows what he wants. Choosing the dress of my project, she knew that a bunch of ties and it will be "TO". I can not wait to own session at Jotki ​​and the final outcome of her works.

ANNA Bełcik (journalist): Lens captures every tension, uncertainty and awkwardness. But in working with Joasia quickly forgets about them. This is a valuable skill photographer - create such an atmosphere in which a man stops to pose, and begins to be themselves. Thanks Jotka!

MONIKA Balaam (journalist):

Among other things, these features Jotki ​​make blindly enter her in any, even the most crazy cooperation. This is a person who has so much energy, enthusiasm and passion that it is impossible for them not infected. We work for 3 years, never once failed me, and startled thousands of times ...

Jotka the only photographer, before whom I felt at ease and naturally. The atmosphere of friendship and freedom that prevails on the plan, fully granted models. I'm not isolated in its opinion.


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